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Nusantara Legal Partnership is a boutique law firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2018, we thrive on providing in-depth advisory and representation in comprehensive range of legal and professional services tailored to each client’s across all industry sectors.

Since its establishment, we are committed to advocate our clients‘ cause earnestly and to support their outcomes. To ensure that highest standards of performance is well delivered, we present outstanding teams with exceptional analytic skills and proven experiences in the legal sphere. As the firm’s name is not entitled only to its founder or managing partner, we want to create the sense of ‘bondlessness’, encouraging equal opportunities and fostering an open door for the brightest legal minds and fresh thinkers to make recognizeable contribution to our firm culture and global economy.

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To become a law firm that upholds the highest integrity and ethical manners, all while taking the role of raising the nation’s legal awareness.


  • Deliver holistic and solid solution to our clients.
  • Provide skillful professionals in respective practice areas.
  • Expand our leading insights and understanding of the Indonesian dynamic legal culture with our shared values.

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